Fire-fighting system

Fire-fighting system

A fire fighting system is probably the most significant of the structure of building services, which is act of attempting to prevent the spread of and extinguish significant unwanted fires in a workplace. As its point is to secure human existence and property, stringently in a specific order.

Fire Fighting Pumps

Our standard fire pumps comply QCD requirement, International standard NFPA 20, LPC and also for customized built in packages. Our standard fire pump set package is well assembled, supplied and used for fighting applications in various area including Warehouses, high rise buildings, Factories, Residential and Commercial buildings.

Landing /Hydrants & Post Indicators

Supply, installation of wet & dry hydrant systems with DI, ERW and HDPE piping network, all kinds of testing, commissioning, maintenance, Service contracts, provide expert fire-fighting equipment. Fire hydrant valves is available for both on and off shore use constructed generally in accordance with BS and NFPA standard, as per site requirement.

FM200 System

FM 200TM is accepted and respected worldwide, with a history of protecting some of the world critical and irreplaceable assets. In fact, FM-200TM is in use in over one hundred thousand applications, in more than 70 nations. FM-200TM systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less, stopping ordinary combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before they cause significant damage. That is the quickest fire assurance accessible, period. At the point when fire is stifled apparatuses rapidly, it implies less harm, lower fix costs, and an additional edge of security for individuals. It likewise implies less downtime and disruption of business. Our FM-200 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System is approved by Factory Mutual (FM) and listed by underwriter Laboratories (UL) for class A, B and C fires. Alright for use in involved regions at the plan fixation, the framework secures basic foundation and conveys successful resource insurance. This dreary, scentless specialist disintegrates upon release and retains warmth to quickly smother fire while leaving no build-up to tidy up. It is electrically nonconductive won't short-out electronic gear or thermally shock fragile hardware bringing about less harm to basic gear, working with a lot more limited shorter recovery time and reducing downtime.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

As Kitchen is one of the vulnerable space for disastrous fire hazards, our SAFE SHIELD team engineers the most appropriate fire suppression system for commercial kitchen and the similar. The Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression system employs wet chemical according to industry fire standards. By sending nearly less spouts for a similar space of inclusion, the framework is altogether different and cost –effective. Contingent upon the area of the peril, spout area can be acclimated to be nearer to the machine surface. It can even be set external the machine border.

Aerosol Fire Suppression

Manufactured by Fire away, A leader in Aerosol fire suppression, Stat-X aerosol fire suppression generators provide highly effective, environmentally friendly fire suppression for fires in enclosed facilities and local spaces. Dissimilar to FM-200, Halon or C02, Detail X frameworks don't need the pressing factor vessels, pipe work, and broad establishment of labour. The aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free. The Detail X generators viability is an element of its protected plan, vaporized structure, and the super fine airborne particles created, which is both non-harmful, and non-destructive. The agent is potassium based and is 5 times as compelling as Halon. Essential extinguishment system is substance impedance with free extremists of fire, which intrudes on the spread of fire. Detail X vaporized fire concealment units are harmless to the ecosystem with zero ozone exhaustion and zero a worldwide temperature alteration potential, they can introduce an extremely practical option in contrast to conventional gas concealment frameworks with their unrivalled concealment execution, space and weight investment funds and simplicity of establishment. They can be utilized deliberately to forestall fire acceleration and in this way nullify the prerequisite for building sprinkler frameworks to incite, lessening or keeping away from related water harm. They are especially compelling at securing little cycle or plant problem areas, hardware spaces or shift gear. Stat-X is currently UL Listed, FM Approved & Qatar Civil Defence approved product.

Water Mist Systems Solutions

Water mist system is a fire protection system which uses very fine water sprays (i.e. water mist). The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires by:

  • Cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation.
  • Displacing oxygen by evaporation.
  • Attenuating radiant heat by the small droplets themselves.

The adequacy of a water fog framework in fire concealment relies upon its shower attributes, which incorporate the bead size dissemination, transition thickness and splash elements, regarding the fire situation, like the protecting of the fuel, fire size and ventilation conditions. The use of water mist fire suppression, when compared to the use of gaseous agents and traditional sprinkler systems, has revealed advantages such as:

  • Immediate activation.
  • High efficiency in the suppression of a wide variety of fires.
  • Minimized water damage.
  • Environmentally sound characteristics.
  • No toxic problems.


  • Ideal Application

  • Flammable Liquid Storage Areas

  • Dust Collectors

  • Quench Tanks

  • Printing Processes

  • Engine Rooms

  • Mixing Operations

  • Spray Booths

  • Turbine Driven Generators

  • Electrical Areas