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SAFESHIELD is a specialist in safety design and build Fire Protection Company, and we proudly offering wide range of covering all disciplines of fire prevention and detection specialized in the field of Fire and Security Systems. Which helps us to design systems that meet both legal and operational requirements.

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Keep Your Bussiness Safe.

Fire Alarm detection System

Fire identification frameworks are intended to find fires from the get-go in their advancement when time will in any case be accessible for the safe evacuation of occupants...

Fire-fighting system

A fire fighting system is probably the most significant of the structure of building services, which is act of attempting to prevent the spread of and extinguish significant ...

Fire Extinguisher Supply

A fire extinguisher is a functioning fire protection device used to smother or control little flames, frequently in crisis circumstances.It's anything but proposed for use on a .....

Sprinkler Systems

The most introduced sprinkler framework: wet line sprinkler framework can be utilized in both enormous structures and more modest private areas in Qatar. Wet line frameworks are .....


A fire extinguisher is a functioning fire protection device used to smother or control little flames, frequently in crisis circumstances.It's anything but proposed for use on a .....

We introduce the best quality CCTV cameras and security cameras for your business or business property.
With Business CCTV Frameworks, you can find total harmony of brain realizing that your premises is gotten all day, every day with successful surveillance cameras.
Each business in each area should be security cognizant and play it safe to keep away from crime. Regardless of whether you have a business association, wearing focus, school, or building site, you need the best CCTV Frameworks accessible.
Business properties and premises which have dynamic CCTV frameworks have a lower crime percentage with less to occurrences. Dynamic CCTV cameras are a visual impediment for any lawbreaker.
Do you require a far reaching CCTV camera establishment and framework? Look no farther than SAFESHIELD,

SAFESHIELD are free central air project workers that offer a scope of devoted air conditioning administrations including framework plan, establishment, support and fix. Completely qualified and licensed, our central air engineers highly esteem their mastery and polished skill in giving bespoke arrangements that can be depended upon to warm, ventilate or cool your business premises, delivering the ideal encompassing conditions. We have procured a standing as one of the Qatar driving central air firm and are supported to introduce, administration and fix for the benefit of the most regarded air conditioning producers. Seriously evaluated, we offer a value guarantee that makes us hard to beat for quality, worth and administration, and whether you require a central air answer for a solitary room, various rooms or a full structure, our well-disposed group are here to help.

With the country's industrial development occurring at a rapid paced, the interest for manpower has expanded enormously. Taking into account this developing need, SAFESHIELD is occupied with giving altered answers for a wide range of manpower service through its staffing business office. The organization gives a changed scope of skilled and talented human resources across the industries.
SAFESHIELD manpower Supply Organization, is made and created to help organizations across whole Qatar in getting the perfect staff to meet their business needs. SAFESHIELD use a worldwide ability securing organization to recognize, qualify, enlist and incorporate top notch ability in high performing professional workplace.